Call for Participation 2010

Welcome to TAC/AA 2010

The 2010 TAC/AA tournament will be a part of the Eleventh Annual Trading Agent Competition (TAC-10), to be held in May and June of 2010, with the finals taking place during the EC-10 conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, preceded by qualifying and seeding rounds in May and June.

The dates for the TAC-AA competition are as follows:

Qualifying Rounds: May 19-20, 2010

Final Rounds        : June 7-8, 2010

The TAC/AA 2010 server is online at

The latest game specification can be found here.

The server binaries and agentware for the 2010 tournament are available here.

Changes from the 2009 tournament

Summary of changes:
• Reserve scores are determined independently for each query class. The interval from which the reserve scores are drawn has increased significantly.
• Manufacturer specialist bonus has decreased.
• Component specialist bonus has increased.
• Distribution capacity discounter (lambda) has increased, leading to a slightly gentler effect on conversion rates.
• Distribution capacities have increased.
• Searching bursts have a small positive correlation across a short time window. ie. If a burst occurs, probability of successive bursts increases.
• The average positions given in the query reports for other advertisers is not exact, but rather based on a small sample average.