Parsing the Game Logs

The TAC/AA server produces game logs at the completion of each simulation. These logs have extension slg.gz. The SICS tasim codebase, over which TAC/AA is written, provides log parsing utilities.

To be able to gather information from TAC-AA game logs you will want to create your own log handler and parser. We provide an example parser that prints the BankStatus messages to the console. The source is available at

The source contains an example handler (BankStatusHandler) and parser (BankStatusParser).
This example prints out all the advertiser’s BankStatus messages received in a simulation from the simulation log file.

Your log handler should be a simple extension of LogHandler (located in the tasim package), and is used to invoke the parser you supply. Your log parser
should be an extension of the edu.umich.eecs.tac.Parser class. At the very least you will need to implement:

message(int sender, int receiver, Transportable content)

which is an abstract method in the Parser class. Please see BankStatusParser for examples on how to implement callback methods.

Lastly, to run the example handler from the command line, issue the following command:

java -classpath CLASSPATH se.sics.tasim.logtool.Main -handler edu.umich.eecs.tac.BankStatusHandler -file {game file}

The CLASSPATH should contain the aa-common, aa-logging, and tasim jars as well as the binaries for your handler and parser.