TAC AA 2009 Tournament

For more information about the TAC/AA competition, please see the documentation.

Competition Participants

A list of the competition participants for the 2009 games can be found at the SICS website for TAC.


The 2009 TAC/AA Competition is being hosted at the University of Michigan. There is one server available.

Port configuration for tacaa1

  • HTTP Port: 8080
  • Agent Connection Port: 6502

Port configuration for tacaa2

  • HTTP Port: 8081
  • Agent Connection Port: 6503

Agent configuration

To connect to tacaa1 and tacaa2, configure the serverHost and serverPort parameters in the agent configuration.

For tacaa1, use

  • serverHost=tacaa1.eecs.umich.edu
  • serverPort=6502

For tacaa2, use

  • serverHost=tacaa2.eecs.umich.edu
  • serverPort=6503

View Cumulative Score Tables

The cumulative results of each round of the competition will be posted to this website as each round starts. Click the name to display the score table.

TAC/AA 2009 Events Schedule

  • Registration Deadline: May 20th
  • Qualifying Rounds, Phase I: June 15, 16:00 GMT – June 16, 03:58 GMT
  • Qualifying Rounds, Phase II: June 16, 4:00 GMT – June 17, 15:58 GMT

Technical Support and Contact Information

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the competition, please contact tac-aa-support@umich.edu.