Setting up an agent project without a build management system

This HOWTO describes

  • Getting started
  • Configuring your agent
  • Running your agent

Getting started

Before you start developing your agent, you need the following jar files:

  • aa-agent-0.9.3.jar
  • aa-common-0.9.3.jar
  • org.mortbay.jetty-4.2.27.jar
  • tasim-

These jars can be obtained by downloading the example-agent-0.9.2-src and aa-agent-0.9.2-bin archives from the Software page.

Configuring your agent

You need to supply a config/aw.conf file to your agent. An example file is provided in the example-agent-0.9.2-src archive from the Software page.

This is the agent configuration file and is used to specify, amongst other things, the class implementation for your agent. The most important parameters of the file are the agentName, agentPassword, agentImpl, and serverHost parameters. The name and password should be with respect to the server you point your agent at for running simulations. The agentImpl parameter should specify the implementation class of your agent.

Running your agent

Make sure your CLASSPATH variable contains all of the required jars and the classes for your agent implementation.

You can start your agent by executing

java -server -cp $CLASSPATH edu.umich.eecs.tac.aa.agentware.Main -config config/aw.conf

where config/aw.conf is the path to your configuration file.