A Basic Agent

To minimally create a TAC/AA agent, you need to extend the Agent class and implement three basic methods:

  • messageReceived
  • simulationSetup
  • simulationFinished

In addition to those three methods, you should be aware of the

  • sendMessage

method. The send / receive methods enable communication between the external agent and the server. The setup / finished methods provide notification of the start and end of a simulation. A skeletal implementation of a basic agent is provided in the following code block.

import se.sics.tasim.aw.Agent;

import se.sics.tasim.aw.Message;

public class BasicAgent extends Agent {

    protected void messageReceived(Message message) {

        // Handle messages


    protected void simulationSetup() {

        // Setup your agent


    protected void simulationFinished() {

        // Release your agent's resources